With the recent business announcements and millions of consumer notifications about lost or stolen personal information, consumers must decide about how to protect themselves. Although, some of the negligent businesses offer credit monitoring, they do not provide a variety of options or sufficient protection to their affected customers. For example, credit monitoring will notify consumers when their credit reports are hit with identity theft and fraud alerts provide a very limited protection against identity theft. Credit or security freeze is a much better option that fraud alerts for some, however, businesses which have compromised their customers’ private information are yet to offer any credit freeze services at no charge to their customers as far as I know. My previous health insurance company which recently notified me about losing my information offered me an identity protection service but did not give me the option to choose the protection that I think is best for me.

That being said, if you have been notified as a potential victim of identity theft due to your lost or stolen information, you may want to consider a credit freeze instead of the usual fraud alerts. Read this article to learn more about the differences between a credit report fraud alert and freeze. You may also read about State credit freeze laws and fees here.

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