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Remote Smartphone Security
April 30, 2014
Hello <>,

Have you ever thought about what could happen if you ever lost your smartphone? Like most people, you probably have a lot of valuable information stored on your phone like phone numbers and pictures. Some people may even have confidential documents and personal information saved on their phones.

Whether you have a personal cell phone or company provided phone, there is a chance that your phone can be lost or stolen. You and your company must be in a position to quickly locate, disable or wipe the phone data in order to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands.

There are many third party apps that once installed on your cell phone will allow you to backup your data on a regular basis as well as locate a lost phone on the map, make a loud siren to find it in the house, disable the phone until it is found, wipe the phone data if the phone is not found within a reasonable period of time to prevent theft, and, restore the data on your new phone from the backup folder. When you phone is lost, you can replace the phone with money but you can’t recover the lost data if you have no backup, and, you may face negative consequences if your information falls into the wrong hands.

And one more thing, don’t forget to set a screen lock which will prevent a quick access to your phone by intruders giving you some time to take any of the necessary steps described above.

Thank You and Be Identity Safe,

Henry Bagdasarian

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