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Office Security Reminders
August 29, 2014
Hello Everyone,

Whether you work alone from home, in a business office, or in a cubicle with others, it's important to follow simple security recommendations in order to maintain information protection, prevent identity theft, and detect or report incidents properly.

Below, you will find a list of proposed security measures that you may not be aware of or have forgotten and need a quick reminder:

1. Don’t leave computers unlocked when you’re not present. Lock your screen and use screen-saver to avoid people snooping. This is even more important when we work from public places and need to visit the restroom or take a call away from our personal items.

2. Be aware of everyone that enters your office area and ask yourself "Does the person belong here?" If you don’t recognize someone or question their justification for being in your office, report the intrusion to your manager.

3. Don’t leave purses, wallets, cell phones, or other valuables in plain view or in unlocked drawers. These items are easy to just grab and walk away. Take your phone with you if you must leave your work space, and return as quickly as possible. If you use a USB with important documents, you may also want to take it with you. It's better to reduce your exposure if an incident were to happen.

4. Protect your office keys and ID badges. Don’t leave them lying around or lend them to others.

5. Keep doors and cabinets locked whenever possible.

6. When working late in the office, make sure you take extra precautions: lock doors, let people know where you are, and make sure you are safe walking to your car/transit.

7. And finally, select unique passwords and change them periodically. Never share your password, but if you ever have to share your password with others like IT staff, change it to another password when work is done and always select passwords that are not the same as the ones you use for personal accounts.

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Until next time, Be Identity Safe,

Henry Bagdasarian

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