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Job Seeker Identity Theft Risks
April 02, 2015
Hello everyone,

Depending on the nature of their job search, some candidates may place themselves at risk out of desperation. For example, if they have lost their jobs without having a safety net or layoff package, they may not have a plan for finding their next job and may just post their resumes and contact info on any website and share them with just anyone who calls them. This trend gets even worse as time goes by and no jobs are in sight.

Having a plan for finding the next job not only preserves a candidate's privacy and improves the chances for finding a job but it also helps with finding the right job. Without a plan, candidates will shoot in the dark without seeing the target hoping that their resumes land on the right desk. And, when they find a job with this approach, it's highly probable that they are not the best jobs for their skills and interest.

It is during difficult times that many people are most vulnerable to crooks and therefore they must recognize the situations when they are most vulnerable and make every effort to plan ahead and avoid pitfalls.

Read this article to learn more about job seeker identity theft risks.

If you are struggling to find your next job, be patient and persevere with a plan until the right job finds you.


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Until next time, be identity safe,

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