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Avoid Phishing Scams
April 30, 2015
Hello everyone,

Google has just warned about a phishing page scam to its account holders. Google claims that 2% of all Gmail are designed to trick people into giving up their passwords and other personal information. And amazingly, 45% of all phishing attacks are successful in achieving the goals.

Phishing, vishing and smishing are all similar attacks which are designed to fool people into giving up personal and financial information which can then be used to gain access to accounts and defraud account holders.

As a solution, Google has launched Password Alert in Chrome which is designed to warn people when they enter their account information into a fake website and also encourages account holders to use different passwords for different high risk accounts. Since Google Chrome is designed to remember passwords for the Password Alert service, it is highly likely that Chrome will be the target of hackers even though the stored password is scrambled. Also, privacy may be an issue to some people since the feature can read and change your data on websites and know your email address.

That said, if you think the benefits outweigh the risks and it’s worthwhile to download the software, you can download it from the Chrome Web Store. Just type Password Alert in the search box and click to add.

You’re probably wondering what the heck is vishing and smishing, right?. Vishing is referred to phone phishing scams and SMiShing is short for SMS phishing which refers to tricks for force malicious software download on mobile devices.

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