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Digital Love - As some explore the Internet and the possibility of conveniently searching for a digital love which can later turn into a lasting relationship, they expose themselves to identity theft risks.

Affluent Wealthy - It is reported in a study completed by Experian that the affluent wealthy individuals are more often the prime targets and victims of identity thieves.

Stolen Social Security - A stolen Social Security Number (SSN) can be used to commit identity fraud. Find out how you can detect signs of stolen SSN, and what you can do to prevent, detect and resolve the SSN theft.

Identity Theft Seminar - Identity Diet seminar is an identity theft seminar designed to help individuals develop a unique identity protection plan for themselves through awareness of the risks and solutions.


The Identity Management Institute (IMI) will expire the Certified Identity Protection Advisor™ (CIPA) grandfathering period on December 31, 2010. The CIRM Grandfathering provision allows experienced identity management professionals to become certified without taking the examination.

Also, the Identity Diet seminars are now available to individuals and groups interested in identity theft seminars designed to increase a person's identity theft risk awareness and help attendants design a personalized identity protection plan. Please visit Identity for more information and any inquiry.

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