This past month, there were many news on the identity front. LifeLock, a major identity protection company, settled with the government for $12 million. First, they were accused of over selling their services and second, they failed to protect the personal information of their customers which they collected as part of their business process.

Also, another major news which received little or no attention was the fact that Puerto Rico passed a law to replace the birth certificates of its ENTIRE population and re-issue new ones in July. This is a huge identity reset undertaking to address identity obesity. Both news are further discussed in more details below.

Recent Articles

Gas Station Security - Gas station security is weakened when credit card transactions are approved based on a zip code which can easily be guessed.

CIRM and CIPA - This short article discusses the difference between the CIRM and CIPA certifications offered by the Identity Management Institute (IMI).

Birth Certificate Reset - As of July 1, 2010, the new Puerto Rico law will invalidate all existing birth certificates for a massive birth certificate reset and will offer new and improved birth certificates to its residents.

LifeLock Lawsuit - The major conclusion of the LifeLock lawsuit settlement is that identity theft is unavoidable and identity protection companies should not over promise or abuse the laws.

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The Identity Management Institute (IMI) will end the Certified Identity Risk Manager ™ (CIRM) grandfathering period on December 31, 2010. The CIRM Grandfathering provision allows experienced identity management professionals to become certified without taking the examination. Also, discounts and free advertising on IMI are available for groups of 5 or more from the same company who apply for membership.

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