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Practice Safe Holiday Shopping - During the holidays, we go out shopping for friends and loved ones. Although, we all have our own shopping styles, there are certain actions that would ensure safe holiday shopping. Read the full article.

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Computer Privacy
We must seriously think about our computer privacy as we increasingly continue to use our computers in public places.

TJ Maxx Identity Theft
The computer intrusion case inflicted upon TJ Maxx continues to be one of the largest and most complex identity theft cases in recent history.

Identity Diet
Identity Diet is a customized identity protection plan that increases identity theft risk awareness and encourages best practices.

ERIC Digest Article
This ERIC Digest article discusses the privacy laws of student records, the student rights and school obligations.

Invasion of Privacy Laws
There are a few invasion of privacy laws that protect individuals from public disclosure of private facts.

Annual Credit Report
The annual credit report from all three credit reporting agencies can now be obtained for free. Learn how and where you can get yours to detect identity theft.


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