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As I read and think about medical identity theft risks, it is obvious to me that more doctors and hospitals are going digital with their patient information. In fact, not only the old medical records are being converted from paper based documents to digital format and saved on a computer system, these records along with the new information are being stored in a central repository system. The main objectives of centrally keeping all electronic medical records is to allows both the doctors and patients access and share information with each other and others. The challenge is of course determining who should have access to such records, when, for how long and how to enforce such decisions. Maintaining patient information is also a huge benefit with a central repository system. I think the benefits of a central repository of all patient electronic medical records outweigh the risks as a whole IF security, privacy and availability concerns are properly addressed. Consider reading this medical identity theft article.

Also, I recently updated another article which talks about the job applicants’ identity theft risks. The article discusses why job applicants might place themselves at a greater risk of identity theft when they unnecessarily share their personal information with recruiters, whether the recruiters are independent or work for a company. There are some information that need to be shared in the early stages of the employment application process as well as at then of the process, however, we must be aware of why and when such information is requested by the companies, and whether it’s appropriate or necessary. Read the full article about jobseeker identity theft.


As you may know, there are many resources available to address your identity theft concerns, questions, awareness and education. Some of these resources are posted below for your reference:

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