Last week, my previous health insurance company (Health Net) notified us in writing that our personal information was compromised by their IT service provider (IBM) and offered us two years of credit report monitoring provided by Debix about which I will soon write a service review. The question we have to pose ourselves is how often is our personal information lost or stolen by businesses without our knowledge? My guess is that our information is more exposed to identity theft risks by third parties than we can think or believe. This assumption should guide the need for our continuous identity monitoring, however, sound identity protection doesn’t need to cost a huge amount of money and credit monitoring alone is not the complete solution to identity theft. We must take advantage of every law and cost effective option to protect our identities including fraud alert placement, obtaining and reviewing free credit reports and setting up account alerts. An article was recently published on our blog about free ways to protect our identities which provides further details. Click here to read the article.

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