I recently read a story about child identity theft in the California foster care system where 1 to 5 out of every 10 children face the consequences of identity theft at some of point in their lives. I can only guess that this crime which affects children’s future is not limited to just California or foster children. It makes sense that children are so highly affected by this crime because they are soft targets whose personal information is available to their criminal parents, social workers and others with access to the Social Security Administration and court systems. In addition, children and their parents are typically not concerned with the child’s credit report until they are old enough to apply for their first job or college, therefore delaying the identity theft detection process by years.

There are a few ways to protect all children from identity theft including education, limiting and monitoring their access to the Internet and the extent by which they share personal information for creating online accounts to play games and use Skype. Also, their credit reports should be obtained and reviewed around the age of 16 to 18 to discover signs of identity theft, write dispute letters to creditors and easily erase their credit history by demonstrating that identity theft crime was committed when the child was a minor.

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Henry Bagdasarian
Founder of Identity Diet & Identity Management Institute

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