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We can learn a great deal from reported identity theft news and recent identity theft stories. Many of us either don’t read about the latest identity theft trends or ignore the identity theft lessons that can be extracted from recent identity theft cases in order to manage identity theft challenges more effectively.

The main reason why it’s important to pay attention to ID theft news especially the regional and national news is because not only cases of identity theft can negatively affect our personal lives and businesses in many ways but also lessons from identity theft cases and recent fraud trends can be extracted and applied to our lives for preventing identity theft and minimizing the potential damage caused by identity theft.

It is amazing to see so many people and businesses are being affected by identity theft in similar manners over and over again as described in reported identity theft news and stories. How many times have we heard stories about people losing their social security card when in fact they don’t really need to carry the card with them every day? Or, how many times have we read stories about workplace information protection or lack thereof whereby an employee takes an unprotected laptop home to be later stolen along with the millions of customer data stored on the computer?

No one wants to be an identity theft victim but somehow we don’t think that identity theft stories reported in the news can happen to us because we think we are doing all the right things. The fact is identity theft threats constantly evolve and we should not rely on a static strategy for identity theft protection because a static strategy for preventing identity theft is doomed to fail at some point as identity theft crime evolves.

In order to maintain an effective identity protection strategy which addresses recent and known identity theft threats by leveraging the most recent solutions especially when technical and automated tools are introduced to help us be more effective and efficient in our identity protection efforts, we must consider reported news about identity theft and recent stories about identity theft. Company risk assessments are typically designed to identify threats and lack of adequate protection against such threats which we can similarly apply to our personal lives to maintain a dynamic identity theft protection strategy. One effective way to identify threats and solutions is to pay attention to recent identity theft stories and news. Current stories about identity theft are great ways to learn about the threats of identity theft, consequences and actions taken by companies and people who have faced identity theft cases and their unwanted consequences. Below, we have listed news sources for identity theft as well as stories we receive from our readers for your information.

Identity Theft News Stories

Tampered Computer Security Products We can't help but to ask ourselves "how secure are computer security products" when we learn about tampered computer security products that spy on people instead of protecting them.
Yahoo Mail Security When Yahoo changed the way its users access email, Yahoo mail security moved away from passwords yet left a security hole in the access management process.
Equifax Data Breach The Equifax data breach is believed to be the largest of its kind affecting more than half of the US population which lasted from mid-May through July 2017.
Sony Hack Lessons In light of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, many companies have realized the importance of all data and unimaginable consequences and impact of a security breach to their survival.
Chip and PIN Credit Cards All credit cards will convert from swipe-and-sign to chip and PIN in the US by October 2015 which other major credit card countries have used for years.
Fraud Responsibility Depending on the nature of an identity theft case, fraud responsibility may take a while to be determined in order to assess who assumes the fraud losses.

Identity Theft News Sources

There are many ways you can quickly stay on top of the latest news about identity theft. The point of following news about identity theft is not to be overwhelmed by unworthy identity theft stories but rather to learn about the current trends and solutions in the most efficient manner. Links to search engine ID theft news results are posted below for your convenience however, Twitter is a great mechanism to quickly deliver and receive worthy news related to identity theft from as many sources as possible. We also analyze some of the ID theft news and deliver the analysis results in our articles and monthly newsletters. Visit our identity theft blog as often as possible for new articles and sign up for the Identity Management Journal to receive the monthly identity theft newsletter.

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