Identity Theft Detection

Identity theft detection is one of the major components of a comprehensive identity protection strategy. We all know that identity theft is unavoidable no matter how convincing some identity protection companies may be with their promises of full and guaranteed protection against identity theft. Also, not only identity theft is unavoidable, but it can also affect many areas of a person’s life by abusing the stolen identity for financial and credit fraud, illegal employment, and unauthorized medical care.

As we prepare our mind to accept the possibility of our identities being stolen and illegally used to commit identity fraud, we also have to prepare ourselves to promptly detect identity theft. Prompt identity theft detection is extremely important as ongoing and prolonged identity theft cases will inflict more damage upon us. Therefore, detecting identity theft properly is not only about identifying ongoing cases of identity theft but also about how quickly we detect identity theft. In some cases, early detection of identity theft cases may prevent identity fraud from occurring or limit the potential damage caused by the ongoing identity crime. Either way, proper identity theft detection can only be beneficial and therefore must be part of any identity protection strategy.

There are many strategies which can be implemented for proper detection of identity theft in all areas of potential fraud and criminal acts. There are areas where automated services must be acquired for real time detection of fraud and identity theft, and there are also areas where consumers can take proactive steps to detect fraud. An example of semi-automated fraud detection is credit monitoring and there is no shortage of companies providing such services. A credit monitoring service is semi-automatic because the process requires consumers’ active participation for reviewing credit report change alerts and addressing potential fraudulent transactions. Most people believe that as long as they purchase and pay for such identity monitoring services, their identity theft problems will go away however credit monitoring will only detect unauthorized new credit accounts and still requires active participation on the part of consumers to be effective. Credit monitoring will not detect unauthorized transactions affecting existing accounts. On the other hand, examples of areas where only consumers can proactively monitor to detect fraud include review of monthly account statements, daily online account reviews, and activating account change notifications wherever available.

As you can see, identity theft can affect many areas of a person’s life although credit and financial fraud appear to be at the top of the list according to recent statistics. Also, many integrated solutions must be implemented for proper detection of identity theft including proactive and automated identity monitoring in all areas of potential crime.

Identity Theft Detection Articles

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