One of the most popular articles on the blog is the one which discusses situations whereby some employees may become disgruntled toward the company, its management or employees resorting to sabotage, espionage and other criminal acts. It is very important for each company, small or large, to assess and identify the periods when certain employees may become disgruntled potentially placing the company at risk. Such situations may include periods of organizational or benefit changes, performance reviews and denial of requests for promotion and raises. Upon identification of such situations and high risk individuals who are in a position to inflict the greatest damage such as those with high level access to key systems or facilities, management should establish prevention and monitoring procedures in the areas where the damage can be inflicted such as confidential documents sent to personal emails, unauthorized production system changes, copying sensitive files, or any changes to key documents, databases and folders. Read the entire article and take action to protect your company before it’s too late.

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