Identity Protection Tip of The Month

Beware of phishing scams - When you get urgent email messages from your bank asking you to take immediate actions by sharing personal information, you need to validate the authenticity of the sender and carefully deal with phishing scams. I recently received an email looking like it came from the Bank of America where I have an account. The email looked sloppy but the bank logo and the whole enchilada was there to deceive bank customers. Learn more about my latest experience with this phishing scam.

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Public Information
Many of our personal information can become public information due to our careless identity management practices.

Employing Ex Hackers
Employing ex hackers to help identify computer security vulnerabilities is a smart idea as they are highly skilled, but such actions must be carefully managed.

Disgruntled Employee
A disgruntled employee is a business threat and risk that should be taken seriously, especially during massive business changes.


The Identity Management Institute has introduced the Certified Identity Protection Advisor ™ (CIPA) examination to allow interested individuals study and pass the exam to become certified and help consumers protect their identities. Learn about the CIPA exam and it’s certification process.

Also, don't forget to join the Identity Management Institute as soon as possible and take advantage of the no-cost membership until August 2009. Learn more about IMI.

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