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Be extra identity safe during this economy - Identity theft and fraud rise during a bad economy and individuals have to be extra cautious in such times when considering the correlation between economy and fraud. Read the full article.

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Identity Management Institute
Identity Management Institute is established to redefine the identity management field, help professionals connect to one another, increase identity risk awareness and help solve identity challenges.

Policies and Procedures
Policies and procedures are major tools to reduce an organization's risks and as such must be carefully developed for high risk areas of any organization.

Identity Safeguard
Companies which must collect and manage customer private information as part of their business operations must incorporate and monitor the identity safeguard controls.

Preventing Identity Theft
Our efforts for preventing identity theft can be the most cost effective strategy for reducing the risks of identity theft.

Career Beacon
When we consider pursuing a career, our decisions must be based on a career beacon that guides us based on our true values, desires and talents.


The Identity Management Institute was recently launched to provide leadership and guidance to the identity management field and its professionals. If you are interested in the field of identity management, consider joining IMI and becoming certified.

Identity Theft Lessons You Should Know is an identity theft reference book that provides many useful and quick identity protection tips. Buy your copy of the "Identity Theft Lessons You Should Know" ebook.

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