Identity Management Institute (IMI)

Identity Management Institute (IMI) was established to provide leadership for the identity management field. Identity management is an evolving field and appears to be a professional area which can contribute a great deal for solving some of today’s increasing challenges. Traditionally, identity management has been about managing system access to safeguard company information assets. Today’s identity management challenges however are different and require new set of risk definitions and expertise to effectively address all identity risks. For example, identity theft and related fraud costs are on the rise and new regulations are constantly introduced at the State and Federal levels to establish requirements and guidelines for protecting consumer personal information. Although, these new set of identity management rules and legal requirements are decentralized and pound companies from every corner, they must be addressed as part of every impacted company’s identity risk management practices. IMI supports the profession in the field to address identity risks through frameworks, training, and certification programs.

The mission of the Identity Management Institute includes:

1- Redefine and promote the identity management profession and address all identity risks inside or outside of an information system,
2- Foster a community and governing body for all identity management professionals,
3- Establish an independent accreditation process of the highest standard of excellence for the identity management professionals,
4- Serve the members and the public through advocacy for the profession, awareness regarding the identity risks, education, and collaboration for solving the challenges,
5- Contribute to the field through Critical Risk Domains (CRD), standards and awareness tools,
6- Educate members and the public through events and tools that promote best identity management practices, and
7- Promote the highest professional ethics and standards for the identity management profession.

To increase the knowledge and credibility of the professionals in the evolving identity management field and help win the trust of those whom rely on the identity management experts for guidance and the best service possible, Identity Management Institute administers three professional certifications with distinct differences for those who provide their services to organizations and individuals.

Certified Red Flag Specialist® (CRFS),
Certified Identity and Access Manager™ (CIAM), and
Certified Identity Protection Advisor® (CIPA).

There are many reasons why you should consider joining IMI some of which are listed below:

1. Eligible to submit articles for the blog,
2. Eligible to apply for certification,
3. Training discounts,
4. Member only newsletter,
5. Access to member only website section, and
6. Annual certification maintenance.

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