Identity Protection Tip Of The Month

Check your beneficiary information Most people forget to either select a beneficiary, update the beneficiary information when their situations change or just validate the information once in a while to detect unauthorized changes. Funds in financial accounts such as 401K, IRA and retirement accounts can be diverted due to beneficiary information change as a result of identity theft. Read the full article below for more information.

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Beneficiary Change An unauthorized beneficiary change can lead to the disappearance of many assets including retirement accounts. Learn about the risks and what you can do to protect your assets.

Credit Monitoring Credit monitoring is a good process to detect identity theft and unauthorized transactions; however, it is not a total solution for identity theft.

Identity Obesity Identity theft and related issues are caused by identity obesity. Please read this article to learn about identity obesity and how it can be resolved.

Michael Bloomberg Fraud Case The Michael Bloomberg fraud case involved separate cases of forged checks and cash transfer in between bank accounts. Learn about the details of the case and how they can be prevented.

Service Announcement was recently updated to provide additional services. Visit to learn more.

Also, don’t forget to read the reviews of identity protection services available in the market today before you select and sign up for an identity protection service. You can find the reviews and information about third party solutions in the Services section.

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