Identity Protection Tip of The Month

Monitor your health insurance statements - The information provided to you by your health insurance following your visit to a doctor’s office can help you detect insurance fraud and protect your good name. I personally experienced an insurance fraud recently and you can read the full story here.

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System Accounts
System accounts must be properly managed to reduce the risk of account misuse and lack of ownership.

Background Check
A background check is a great tool to protect yourself and your company from dishonest people.

Replacement Credit Card
When our credit cards are about to expire, we receive a replacement credit card at which point we have to decide what actions we are going to take.


The "Identity Theft Lessons You Should Know" ebook is available for purchase. There are many identity theft lessons that we can learn from by reading the news and observing the mistakes others make. The best identity protection strategy is to always learn about the identity theft trends and analyze the causes, consequences and available identity protection options before we become victims of identity theft. The "Identity Theft Lessons You Should Know" ebook provides many valuable information, reference links, and recommendations to protect your identity.

Learn more about the book and buy your copy today.

Thank You and Be Identity Safe,
Henry Bagdasarian