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File Your Taxes Carefully - It’s that time of the year again when we get either excited about filing our taxes for a nice refund or lack motivation due to potential taxes due. Either way, we have to file our taxes and get it over with. However, we have to be careful about how we file our taxes. There are more than one ways to file taxes and they all have benefits and disadvantages of filing. In general, the less information you share with third parties and more control you keep over your personal information, the safer your identity is against theft, fraud, visibility and misuse. Read this article for more information about safely filing taxes.

Also, organizing tax documents throughout the year is a must for a complete and timely tax filing. Read this article about organizing tax documents.

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Identity Theft Lawsuits
I've recently been asked what the future holds for companies and consumers from an identity theft risk standpoint. My answer is more identity theft lawsuits.

Privacy or Security
Some people still lack the knowledge about the privacy or security roles. This article might shed some light on their differences and similarities.

Identity Fraud Affidavit
An identity fraud affidavit is a document that helps identity theft victims document the facts related to their identity fraud before contacting the police or the affected companies.

Dispute Identity Fraud
You must effectively dispute identity fraud charges and accounts if you want to make sure you are not held responsible for the fraud and protect your credit report and its information.

Red Flags Rules
The Red Flags rules are the set of requirements that financial institutions and creditors must follow to implement the necessary controls to prevent, detect and respond to identity theft.

Identity Hostage
With a downward economy, taking an identity hostage to commit a quick cash fraud is on the rise today and will most likely increase with the widely used biometric access management systems.


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