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IdentityMate is a global identity risk management company which was established with very clear, unique and specific objectives. Identity mismanagement and its unintended consequences continue to be major concerns for world governments, consumers and companies which deal with a huge number of consumer information. Identity mismanagement has many dire consequences including identity theft and non-compliance with regulations. Major causes of identity mismanagement include lack of education on the part of consumers and employees as well as obsessive cost containment on the part of companies which forces them to ignore the internal and external signs of troubles to come. I mean how many times do we have to lose unencrypted laptops to finally decide to encrypt laptops? Or, when do we finally start taking responsibility for what our service providers do with our customer information? Or, when do consumers stop loading their wallets with credit cards? I can go on for ever but as you can see we're not out of the woods yet as our society continues to evolve and technology advances. We openly continue to embrace social networking while blindly trusting the digital identity on the other side, and we knowingly and ignorantly trust technology without implementing the proper controls such as remotely accessing critical digital assets without a worry about privacy and the security of the environment, internet access points and transmission lines. Implementing microchips into humans, animals and objects are becoming a way of life and as such, new identity management challenges are introduced. With all these challenges and lack of motivation on the part of companies to educate their consumers and employees, IdentityMate was born to not only provide identity risk management solutions but also bridge the gap between companies and consumers with regards to their rights and responsibilities. We have become an identity obese society by continuously seeking, sharing, duplicating and retaining personal information. We continue to own dozens and sometimes hundreds of online accounts while sharing our personal information each and every time and selecting the same user name and passwords which we use to access our bank accounts. Can we reasonably say that while technology and in this case the Internet becomes a major part of our life, we collectively and completely lack the understating of our responsibility to protect our identities?

IdentityMate is a unique identity risk management company which has established this free awareness and education site to address the growing problem of identity theft. IdentityMate believes in providing value through free resources for immediate impact, and targeted creative strategies for maximum reduction of risks in the most efficient manner while meeting management objectives. IdentityMate values customer service, human creativity, and simplicity throughout its service categories of 1) awareness and education campaigns, 2) regulatory compliance and risk management, and 3) litigation support.

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