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Avoid becoming an identity fraud accomplice When consumers buy cheap gas from identity thieves and at the expense of stolen credit card victims, they effectively become fraud accomplice in the process. Read the full article.

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Chief Education Officer
Large and regulated companies must assign a Chief Education Officer to coordinate all corporate training efforts and manage business risks including regulatory compliance.

Best Identity Protection
Each person’s identity theft risks must be carefully considered to create and implement the best identity protection package.

Corporate Security Accountability
Management must assume corporate security accountability to effectively protect consumer information and comply with information security laws and regulations.

Drugged For Money
As our society moves toward biometric identification, cases of people being drugged for money and identity theft will probably increase.

Credit Identity Theft
With rising inflation and consumer goods prices, credit identity theft is a serious problem.

Credit Fraud Alert
A credit fraud alert loses its effectiveness when it becomes a routine process and is not enforced for compliance.

Service Announcement

I created an Identity Theft Group in LinkedIn to allow professionals exchange information about identity management, security and privacy. If you are an identity protection professional and would like to meet people with the same aspirations, please search for the group "Identity Theft" and request to join.

Also, don’t forget to read my reviews of some identity protection services available in the market today before you select and sign up for an identity protection service. You can find the reviews and information about third party solutions including enrollment discounts in the Services section.

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