Best Identity Protection

The best identity protection plan may be different for each person. However, the approach taken to implement a complete solution for protection against identity theft is the same for everyone.

As indicated in the past, there is not a single market product that would provide complete solution for identity theft prevention and detection. Most market solutions are detective based and do not address identity theft prevention. The available market solutions mostly offer identity monitoring to detect potentially unauthorized transactions and modification to individual profiles and personal records. A comprehensive and integrated set of solutions is required to maximize identity protection.

The best identity theft protection is a risk based protection that individuals can develop for themselves be leveraging techniques outlined in Identity Diet. As such, each identity’s protection risks must be carefully considered in order to determine the needed solutions and appropriate levels of protection for each identity. One of the reasons why most market services focus primarily on identity monitoring and fraud detection solutions is that individuals are for the most part responsible for adequate management of their personal information to prevent identity theft which is why awareness and education is extremely important. Market solutions such as automated fraud alerts can not fully prevent identity theft while appropriate consumer behavior and use of their personal information remains a huge factor for protecting an identity against theft and disclosure.

Although, businesses which collect consumer information are responsible for protecting their customers' information, consumers are responsible for excessive creation and sharing of their personal information with others including businesses as well as reckless handling of their personal information in public places. For example, individuals often apply for and collect multiple credit cards even though they might just need one or two credit cards for shopping. Most of us have more credit cards that we use on a regular basis while the unused credit cards are stored in our wallets and other places in our homes or offices. Another area of concern is when individuals share personal and business confidential information in a reckless manner on websites or in public places such as at the doctor's office or the airports and in coffee shops. Although, they must share certain information with others such as their colleagues and doctors, they do so in an excessive and loud manner compromising the protection of their confidential information.

A combination of preventive and detective solutions is necessary for a maximum protection against identity theft and unnecessary disclosures. The best identity protection methodology includes good identity management habits which leverages automated market solutions to prevent and detect identity fraud. The most difficult part for consumers is to identify their unique identity theft risks before they can alter their daily habits and/or implement solutions for maximum identity protection. When consumers lack the understanding of their unique identity theft risks in order to alter their daily habits or the knowledge about existing market solutions to detect fraud, they increase their identity theft risks accordingly.

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