Identity Protection Tip Of The Month

Don’t blindly trust friendly neighbors. A former college student was recently accused of stealing people’s credit to travel the world with her Ivy League boyfriend. Authorities charged that they stole the identity of neighbors in their building and at least twice broke into other units before they were caught by one of the neighbors. Read the full story in the May 2008 news section.

Recently Posted Articles

Multiple 401K Accounts Owning multiple 401K accounts presents a series of financial and identity theft risks, which should be considered and properly managed.

Identity KAOS Principles Identity KAOS is a set of identity protection principles that must be followed to better protect against identity theft.

High Target Identity Identity theft may be facilitated by a high target identity to commit a specific identity fraud and crime. This article describes the high profile identity and who might be at a higher risk.

Newscorp Spying Case The reported case of Newscorp spying is a good reminder that key employee activities must always be monitored for suspicious behavior.

National Shred Day I think a well publicized National Shred Day would be a great event to help prevent identity theft and organize paper documents.

Service Announcement

Identity Diet was recently launched to address the identity protection needs of the high target identities. Visit to learn more.

Also, don’t forget to read the reviews of identity protection services available in the market today before you select and sign up for an identity protection service. You can find the reviews and information about third party solutions in the Services section.

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