April was another hot month for information security breach incidents leading to lost personal information of thousands of individuals. Most of these incidents could have been prevented by monitoring and learning from the incidents at other companies as well as taking simple measures to mitigate the risks. Please visit the Identity Theft News section to learn more about the latest incidents and my analysis.

Below are also new articles that were posted in April for your reference:

Managing Linkedin Connections - Many professionals use Linkedin for managing their professional networks, however, managing Linkedin connections should not be taken lightly if solid relationships are desired.

Personal Service Provider Risks - We commonly use at least a personal service provider to help us with routine tasks, however, some of us use many personal assistants increasing our risk of identity theft.

Credit Score Trap - In our efforts to maintain a balanced financial and credit life, we may face the credit score trap which can have negative consequences for other areas.

Just Needed Training - Employee training needs must be properly assessed to develop a focused training scope. Just Needed Training provides a process to effectively define, prioritize and provide training.

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