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Cover Your Card Verification Code or CVC - As you may know, your credit cards have a code number imprinted on the front or back of the credit cards depending on the type of card. This code is used to verify card ownership when placing orders online or by phone (or when the card and its owner are not present). However, the code is not required or necessary when shopping in person, and if discovered, can be misused when combined with the card number to commit card fraud. Read this article for more information about CVC.

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Free offer from Identity Management Institute (IMI)

The Identity Management Institute (IMI) has decided to temporarily waive all membership related fees and dues to support interested individuals join IMI and get certified at no cost if qualified. IMI offers the Certified Identity Risk Manager™ (CIRM) and Certified Identity Protection Advisor™ (CIPA) professional certifications to those individuals who provide their services to businesses and direct to consumers respectively. Please read this article to learn more about IMI.

Prank Internet Messages
Prank internet messages are on the rise as our use of the social networking sites increases.

Identity Reset
Identity reset is an available and last option to resolve severe identity theft and fraud cases.

Stimulus Fraud
Due to the recession and the government efforts to turn the economy around, economy stimulus fraud will hit families in more than one ways.


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