Call Center Training

Call center training has many benefits and can be used as a vehicle to maintain corporate image, and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction leading to reduced customer turnover and related costs, mitigate compliance risks related to corporate policies and procedures as well as regulatory requirements, reduce fraud costs associated with identity theft, and protect intellectual property.

Companies have either their own call centers or outsource their call center operations to dedicated call center management companies. Regardless of who manages the call center operations, call center management training is absolutely necessary to ensure call center employees and their management fully understand the call center policies and procedures, their purpose, and consequences of any deviations from prescribed rules.

More importantly, front line employees such as call center employees who directly interact with customers have a direct impact on the company’s efforts for protecting its assets, retaining customers, and maintaining sales growth. Attributes which will contribute to an effective call center staff include communication skills, knowledge of policies, procedures and regulations, as well as identity theft prevention and fraud detection techniques.

In order for call center management training to be effective, policies and procedures must be complete and taken into consideration when developing the customer service training program. Therefore, call center policies and procedures must be evaluated first and used for developing the call center training program. Policies and procedures typically take into consideration business objectives and strategies, legal requirements, risk assessment results, and loss prevention.

After customer service policies and procedures are reasonably determined to address all major call center risks, a call center customer service training program including content, target audience, format, schedule, and delivery method can be developed for training call center employees. Companies which outsource their call center operations as well as call center service providers must be diligent in providing call center employees with adequate training based on various policies, business appetite for risks, and available resources and budgets.

Call center management training is a continuous process and must be evaluated from time to time through monitoring, tests and assessment of results in order to adjust the program based on reconciliation of actual customer service quality to management expectations.

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