Car Insurance Price Quote

By Henry Bagdasarian

Once in a while, we may be tempted to look into a better car insurance price quote which is what I did a few days ago. A friend of mine made a comment about how he was able to secure a more affordable auto insurance policy from a reputable company and that I should look into it, so I did. I called the company’s toll free number and asked about their process for getting a car insurance price quote and before I could finish my sentence, the sales rep asked for my first and last name which I provided and then asked about my date of birth which prompted me to ask him how long this process will take and when he said 10-15 minutes, I kindly asked to end the call and apply online. In my mind, I was analyzing the situation and thinking I could probably apply online and bypass the phone process which increases my risks because of the middleman. I was thinking what is the point of giving him my personal information which he then inputs into the same computer system that I can enter myself online to get the insurance price quote.

That being said, there are many ways we could get a price quote for our car insurance policy, some of which may be good ways and others not so good. I often say that we should reduce our identity obesity level and apply identity dieting whenever we can to reduce the risk of identity theft. One way to achieve this is to eliminate the human middle man which is what I did and apply for a car insurance price quote on a secure website which brings me to my second point. There are many companies which offer multiple car insurance quotes from multiple companies. By using one of these services, you can eliminate the need to contact each company separately and share all the personal information many times over. You only apply once to receive multiple price quotes.

Another consideration is to avoid chasing good deals all the time. We don't need to shop for car insurance prices every 6 months. Just once every 2-3 years or the most annually if you must absolutely know about the best deals sooner. The cost savings resulting from a new car insurance policy may not be worth the increased risk of identity theft and your time spent on the phone or online looking for the best deals. As far as the end of my story, I applied online and found out that I was paying almost 50% less with my current policy. Now, I'm done chasing price quotes for at least a year.

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