Car Security

Car security measures are very important because cars get very often stolen and broken into and more often than not, the wallets, passports or IDs get stolen from the car. Thieves are most likely after cash or valuable objects like jewelry, watch, laptop computers and sunglasses when they break into the cars. But they also sometimes steal the cars to take them away, detach the car components and sell them in the used part market. Believe it or not, the used car part market is a big business; just take a look around and you’ll find many car junkyards. Many people including mechanics prefer to buy used parts from the junkyards because it’s cheaper. Although some cars and their parts are more popular than others in the market, you’ll find all types of car parts in the junkyards, therefore, no car is immune to theft.

If thieves accidentally come across your checkbook, wallet, phone, passport, or any other valuable item in your car during their adventures, they may think of committing a different kind of crime, identity theft. Although, their initial motive might have been breaking into your car to steal cash and other valuables, or, stealing your car for its parts, the thieves may not forgive you for leaving parts of your identity components in the car. They will write as many checks and take as much cash as they can from your bank account, until you report the loss of your checkbook or lost cards to the bank. They may even go shopping or call their cousins overseas and run you a 4-digit phone bill from your friendly wireless service provider. So, my first advice is don’t leave your precious documents in the car, but if you had to, then consider these car security tips:

-Don’t leave your valuables in the car for a long and extended period of time. If you have to make short trips to make copies, take all the important documents and objects with you, or just leave them for a very short period of time to reduce your risks.

-Park your car in a secure, monitored, and private parking lot, away from visibility. Usually, private and smaller parkings provide better security for their facilities.

-Don’t park your car in such parking places as long-term airport parking. Such places are hardly ever monitored and thieves know that these long term parkings provide the best opportunity since the car owners are not coming back any time soon. I usually empty my car of all important contents when I park my car in the long-term airport parking; that way if my car is stolen, I don’t also get to pay for their expenses if thieves decide to take a long trip to Vegas for shopping and gambling.

-Park your car in a well-lit area. This will make their working conditions a little more difficult and challenging since they have to be very careful not to be seen.

-Park your car in a busy area. Don’t park it in an isolated area where there is no car or foot traffic in order to deter thieves. Again, you will make their life more difficult and working conditions challenging.

-Park your car in a parking garage equipped with security systems and on-site security attendant.

-Install a car security system in your car. Make sure it is the electronic sound alarm, which may discourage the thieves from further searching the car. The manual wheel lock may prevent them from steeling the car but will not discourage them from searching your car and stealing valuables.

These are some simple but life saving car security tips to protect your personal documents and information while traveling in your car.

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