Identity Management Journal

The Identity Management Journal delivers information regarding identity and access management solutions to its subscribers. Identity management has generally been defined as a set of processes and technical solutions designed to properly manage access to business information residing within the business information systems. However, the definition of identity management has expanded in recent years to also include the protection of consumer information residing both inside and outside of the information systems as well as regulatory compliance. Unauthorized access to confidential business information and identity theft in particular have consistently risen over the years. The access and identity management challenges are many which may be introduced by identity mismanagement such as excessive collection and retention of customer information, demand for quick access to business information by internal and external parties, globalization and the internet, and regulatory requirements to just name a few. Consider subscribing to the no-cost identity management newsletter and get the latest identity management information. Encourage your employees, colleagues and business partners to also join the mailing list to receive the periodic identity management newsletter.