Identity Risk Management Certification

An identity risk management certification is gaining recognition as professionals attempt to manage growing identity risks within their business environments. Although general risk management certifications provide technical knowhow for identifying and mitigating general risks, a specialized risk management training and certification specifically addresses a specific, high impact and regulated risk requiring specialized knowledge to be properly addressed.

Identity risks including identity theft are among some of the most important corporate risks that professionals must address through policies, procedures and risk assessments which require specialized knowledge of the evolving threats and solutions as well as local and international regulatory requirements.

A successful identity risk management career entails having the necessary skillset that can be applied to many industries which face similar risks. Identity fraud, privacy disclosures, new and expanding regulations, as well as phishing and spoofing affect many consumers, companies and countries which require a common set of skills to address. Certified Identity Risk Managers are professionals who have earned the prestigious identity risk management certification from Identity Management Institute and are often in corporate positions facing identity risks throughout the identity management lifecycle from the time an employee is hired, system access is managed, or personal information of customers, vendors, partners and employees are collected to the time they are discarded. CIRMs are typically in positions within Information Technology, Operations and Compliance groups who must identify, prioritize and mitigate identity risks by documenting threats, impact, and control gaps, and recommending additional solutions.

Identity risk management is not confined to one group or one person within an organization. Specifically, identity risk management is the responsibility of all employees and managers who manage any and all identities inside or outside of the corporate systems. Most importantly, various groups must closely coordinate their efforts to effectively and efficiently manage various identity risks in a coherent manner to address operational, financial and regulatory compliance risks. Many of today’s regulations are overlapping and interdependent which professionals must be aware in order to address all risks. For example, financial data integrity laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley law in the United States are further reinforced by information security and fraud related laws.

Therefore, in larger and multinational organizations, it is even more important for risk managers to work in harmony and close coordination with each other. Such high risk companies must also employ a group of identity risk specialists to not only address the concerns of the company management and the Board but also the concerns of their clients, vendors, partners and regulators. As identity risks such as identity fraud, privacy, and spoofing continue to grow and evolve into sophisticated crimes, regulations will also expand and the need for experienced, knowledgeable, and certified identity risk management professionals will increase.

An identity risk management certification is an independent assessment of a professional’s interest, expertise and education which can benefit many parties especially the interests of the companies they work for, as such, well trained individuals spread across the organization can reduce fraud costs by establishing policies and procedures, monitoring trends, and responding to potential fraud before any significant impact affects the company. When selecting an organization for a specific risk management certification and training, it is important to assess the credibility, respect and professionalism of that organization as well as the background of its members such as positions they hold, what companies and industries they represent, and whether they come from all corners of the world to address a common cause. Identity Management Institute is a growing international organization serving global members by providing identity risk management certification through education, training and examination.

To learn about a general or specific identity risk management certification, please refer to the Identity Management Institute website.

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