Professional Identity Theft Speaker

Inviting a professional identity theft speaker to an event is a great way to educate the public and employees about the risks of identity theft including how identity thieves target their potential identity theft victims and why as well as how individuals can detect and respond to identity theft with the latest identity protection techniques.

Many organizations along with their customers and employees are facing the ever increasing risks of identity theft, privacy disclosures and the unintended consequences of this high profile crime. One of the best ways for businesses to deal with identity theft is by increasing awareness of the risks and knowledge of best identity theft protection practices. Companies and organizations are encouraged to engage an expert identity theft professional speaker who can create and present a customized identity theft presentation to meet the organization's objectives and target audience needs. An identity theft expert speaker can not only help reduce identity theft risks and related fraud losses through a targeted identity theft protection training which educates about the threats and solutions for identity theft, but can also help the business reinforce its policies and procedures as well as comply with the regulatory requirements for employee training and customer awareness as various regulations are increasingly demanding training for employees and customers. For businesses which lack sufficient budgets to schedule onsite group training, they can work with a professional identity theft protection trainer who can propose alternative solutions such as a webinar, video or PowerPoint training presentations for less costs.

Some of the events for which organizations seek the help of professional identity theft topic presenters include company sponsored meetings, conferences, focused seminars, and customer awareness campaigns. An identity theft management expert is also often engaged as a keynote speaker, special session conference speaker, or special meeting and event presenter.

Identity Theft Speaker Criteria

Identity Management Institute has global certified members who are very knowledgeable in a variety of identity risk management disciplines including identity theft, privacy, and compliance. Due to IMI's global presence and membership, identity management speakers can be engaged to execute identity theft speaking engagements in almost any language and topic. 

Usually, a certified member who is interested in an identity risk management speaking engagement will consider the location, timing, topic, audience, and compensation or reward to accept or reject a speaking opportunity. Given IMI's reach to international identity management professionals, an available, willing and capable speaker is often matched with a speaking opportunity.

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