LifeLock Review

I have compiled the following LifeLock review based on my own experience. I took advantage of a free offer and registered for the LifeLock service in order to observe the registration process as well as confirm the events and benefits that follow the registration process as outlined on the LifeLock website and subsequent e-mails I received following my registration. Let’s go over the Lifelock service once more and understand its benefits before going over my lifeLock review.

Here’s what LifeLock does:

1- They place an initial fraud alert on credit reports with major credit bureaus which will remain in effect for 90 days,
2- They renew the fraud alert every 90 days as long as you pay the dues,
3- They request removal of your name from pre-approved credit card and junk mail list, and
4- They request free credit reports on your behalf to review the information. You can also order the free credit reports yourself from

The benefits of LifeLock include prevention of unauthorized:

1- Establishment of new bank accounts or credit line,
2- Change of address on the credit reports,
3- Request for credit line increase,
4- Opening of a checking account,
5- Sign-up for insurance services, and
6- Registration for utilities services

Keep in mind that the Life Lock service does not affect your credit score by placing fraud alerts on your credit reports. Also, the service benefits are backed by $1,000,000 guarantee. LifeLock states on their website that if your identity is stolen while you are their client, they will do whatever it takes to recover your good name. If you need lawyers, they will hire the best they can find. If you need investigators, accountants, or case managers, they will provide them. If you lose money as a result of the identity theft, they're going to give it back to you, spending up to $1,000,000. I have no way of verifying the guarantee information until I either face identity fraud myself or hear back from my readers. I will update this LifeLock review as I get more information.

The registration process

When I registered for the LifeLock service to complete a LifeLock review, the process was short and straightforward. I was also able to sign up my family members through the same enrollment form. The enrollment form asked basic questions such as name, address, prior address if less than 2 years in current address, mobile and home phone numbers, social security number, driver’s license, favorite color and last elementary school attended. I actually left the answer box for the elementary school blank and the enrollment form was still submitted successfully. The method by which LifeLock stops the unauthorized use of our identity to create new credit accounts involves placing initial fraud alerts on consumers’ credit reports for 90 days. Initial fraud alerts are good for 90 days and must be renewed every 90 days, which is automated if you use the LifeLock services. Extended fraud alerts are not part of the LifeLock service but are available to consumers with an identity theft police report. To place an initial fraud alert, consumers must only be suspicious of the possibility that they might become identity theft victims.

Expectations & my observations

A few minutes after my enrollment, I received two emails from LifeLock. The first one indicted that I would be the primary contact for my family members who also signed up with my enrollment and the second welcoming email explained to me what to expect in the next weeks and months which was really good because it put a lot of my follow-up questions to rest immediately. The welcoming email explained what I should expect as follows:

1- Within the next 3-5 weeks, I should receive letters from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion explaining that they have each placed a 90 day fraud alert on my credit report in their databases. I will receive these letters every 90 days as LifeLock continues to maintain my service.

2- Within the next 4-8 weeks, I should receive credit reports from each of the three major credit bureaus. Those credit reports should show the fraud alerts they’ve placed, advising anyone accessing my report to call me or take reasonable steps to verify my identity prior to making any credit decision.

3- Over the next few weeks, I should begin noticing a dramatic decrease in the amount of junk mail and pre-approved credit card offers I receive in the mail.

A few days later, I received another email from LifeLock indicating that the initial fraud alerts have been placed with the credit reporting agencies and I should expect a copy of my reports within 4-6 weeks.

Within a period of two weeks, I received confirmation letters from all three credit bureaus confirming the placement of fraud alerts on my credit reports.

I have received free copies of my credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies, verified the placement of fraud alerts, and checked the accuracy of my listed phone number. The junk mails continue to come in but I should give it a few more weeks or months. I will update this LifeLock review as I get more information.

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