Online Data Storage Risks

Online data storage risks are risks which most people who leverage online storage services to manage other risks must be aware of and manage. We must sometimes take risks to manage risks. This is easier said than done and a not a very simple concept to explain but basically if taking one more risk reduces our overall risk, we should consider the change in  the overall risk level when deciding to take one more risk. Let’s take the example of online data storage risks to reduce risks in other areas.

If you are a risk conscious person, you have probably used online storage services to support your file backup, access, and collaboration efforts. With services such as Google Drive, Google +, Cell phone carrier backup, and Evernote, more people are taking advantage of free and low cost storage services for backup, on demand access, and collaboration.

Let’s explore all 3 advantages of online file storage:

Backup - Some people use online services to backup photos, videos and other files they have stored on their smartphones. This task can be automated and decisions about where to save the files must be made as part of our plan. This is a great way to mitigate file related risks when the phone becomes corrupted, or is lost and stolen. We all use our phones for many purposes and carry them pretty much everywhere from the office to the pool. As we carry and use our phones, we risk the loss and corruption of our files. For example, we might drop our phone in the water or lose the phone. This is a risk that we have to consider and manage and often the way that we manage this risk is by automatically uploading new files into our cloud account. However, this risk management task does not come without additional risks which we will discuss below.

On demand access - As we upload our files to our cloud account, these files become available for access from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet access. Accessing files from multiple devices regardless of which device created the file is a necessity in out mobile lifestyle.

Collaboration - We might also upload files and store notes to our online storage accounts to share with our family members and coworkers. Online collaboration systems are plenty and we must assess and select these online resources carefully and on a limited basis. Leveraging online storage and collaboration services can reduce our overall risks IF these services are not excessively used through multiple services which may multiply copies of our files on multiple systems.

As mentioned, these online services don’t come without risks. Privacy, security, availability, data dissemination, and uncontrolled synching are some of the additional risks that we have to take in order to reduce our risk in the backup, on-demand access, and collaboration areas. Let’s explore the risks that we have to take as we leverage online services to reduce our overall risks.

Online Data Storage Risks:

Privacy – The storage and collaboration service may share our information with others accidentally.

Security – Others may access our files through hacking.

Availability – Files may get deleted from the online service provider systems.

Integrity – Files may get changed or corrupted.

Uncontrolled synching – We may forget what folders are synching to what services as we change cell phones and devices.

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