Personal Document Photo Backup

Personal document photo backup is one of the best strategies for recovery when personal items are lost, stolen, or misplaced, and forgotten.

Have a you ever lost a wallet and did not know where to start because you didn't know what personal items you had in your wallet so you can contact the organizations and request a cancellation and replacement of your lost or stolen items?

Or have been asked to present a driver’s license or car registration and proof of insurance during a routine traffic stop but then noticed that you left your wallet at home and had nothing to show to the cop?

When these incidents happen, we panic and don’t know what to do especially if we have no memory of what items were in our wallet to start the recovery process by contacting the credit card companies and other organizations to cancel the lost items and request new ones.

Personal document photo backup which consists of taking pictures of our personal items is a strategy that can help in many ways such as have a backup copy when we don't have the originals, remember what items we had in our lost or stolen wallet, and, easily find the details about our personal items such as item number, expiration date, and company phone number to be contacted. 

For wallets which include many personal items for most of us that we carry around all the time, items can be taken out and visibly placed on a clear desk. Then a photo can be taken from all items with a cell phone. If there are many items that can not fit in one photo, take multiple photos. This personal document photo backup will have many benefits when you lose the wallet or forget to carry with you when you drive or venture out of the house. In some cases, it may  be necessary to also take a picture of the back of the items which often have phone numbers and additional information.

This strategy is also good for items that we don’t carry with us but may need them from time to time such as a car registration card. Taking a picture of the items is just one of the backup strategies. You may use a scanning app which are widely available in mobile app stores to scan the items and keep a copy on the phone.

Once photos are taken, the images can be kept on the phone and/ or in the cloud for immediate access when needed. A couple of the online tools where pictures can be uploaded for easy access and categorization include Evernote and Google Drive. For example, you can create a folder in any of these cloud storage areas which you can access from your smartphone. The folder can be called “personal items” and you can upload the pictures right from your phone to the folder in the cloud for easy access from multiple sources in case one source is unavailable. For example, if you don’t have your smartphone when you need to access one of these personal documents, you can use any other device with Internet access to get to your documents.

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