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During short or long trips, security travel purse, travel belts, small travel bags, and money clips can greatly help you reduce your risks of personal information loss and identity theft. The identity protection formula advocates 1) carrying less personal items where they’re not needed like when you make a quick visit to the gym, post office, or the grocery store, and 2) maintaining control over your personal belongings like holding on to your passport every time you leave the hotel room or at least storing it in a safe box that no one else has access to. These are not the only controls that the formula advocates to prevent identity theft but for this particular article, these two controls are relevant.

Security travel purse, bags, belts and money clips can be used in many ways to limit the loss of your personal items in various situations and prevent identity theft. Let’s explore a few ways and situations where you can use these tools:

Short visits – If you’ve read the gym security article, you’ve probably noticed that it recommends carrying the least number of personal information and items to the gym for many reasons. We all know that lockers get broken into and many personal items are sometimes stolen at the gyms and health clubs. One way you can reduce the risk of stolen personal items is to carry the minimum. Take out what you need for your gym visit form your wallet and place it in a security travel purse, bag, belt or money clip. Usually, all you need to carry to the gym is your membership card, and some cash for the after workout snack, unless of course you’re driving in which case you’ll also need your car keys, driver’s license, car registration and insurance. Some people use a money clip to only carry the minimum for the short trips and leave every thing else at home. They use the money clip when they just go to the gym without any other travel plans, short grocery shopping trip, post office trips, video store and basically all other short trips. You can place cash, driver’s license and membership cards in the money clip, although, your keys will have to stay out of it.

International travel – Travel belts are favorite items when it comes to international travel. When traveling to international locations, especially to those where there is a high demand for western passports, don’t leave your personal belongings, especially your passport, in the hotel room, safe box or even with the hotel lobby personnel. You’ve probably heard of the word "collusion" where people on the inside, and sometimes with the people on the outside, work together, putting their unique talents and access together for the financial benefits of all. This scenario is more common than you think in less developed countries. Use a travel belt to carry your stuff with you, while placing your sweater or other loose clothing on top of the belt to conceal it from any predator view. The travel belt is very convenient and allows you to place all the important documents, keys, cash and credit cards and is suitable for both men and women. Some prefer the travel belt, especially the black one, because it is discrete and it frees their hands for comfortable walking, movement and site seeing. There is an alarm to warn you every time the travel belt leaves your predetermined radius which is a great tool to notify you when you forget it somewhere or if someone steals it, in which case, an alarm will go off if the purse leaves the preset radius, and a loud siren will deter thieves. This type of device can prevent identity fraud.

As you can see, you can be very creative when it comes to using a security travel purse, travel belt, travel bags and money clips in various situations. Depending on your preference, you can use any one of these items to reduce your exposure to the loss of your personal items and risks of identity theft.

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