The Identity Diet Plan

The Identity Diet plan is a customized identity theft protection plan which helps individuals focus in on their specific risks and take targeted actions while taking into consideration individual situations and goals.

Most people when concerned with some aspects of identity theft resort to various identity protection services without an understanding of their unique needs, purchased service features, a defined identity protection strategy, and their roles in the big identity theft protection picture.

Depending on whether consumers want to prevent identity theft or resolve their identity fraud cases, people buy identity theft services as if these purchased services will magically make all their identity theft concerns disappear without doing anything else.

To address identity theft, individuals are encouraged to understand which of their own actions or inactions might be contributing to identity theft. The areas where consumers have the most controls to change and improve to reduce identity theft risks is where they must concentrate all of their efforts. To understand how they might be contributing to increased identity theft risks, individuals are encouraged to answer a series of questions the answers to which are used to develop the Identity Diet plan by a Certified Identity Protection Advisor. The process of creating a personalized identity theft protection plan is also a self discovery and improvement journey in which individuals learn about what their unique identity theft protection weaknesses, identity theft threats, consumer rights, and best identity theft solutions.

The knowledge gained from answering the identity theft question as well as the contents of the Identity Diet plan is invaluable and extremely useful to decide what individuals must do going forward. This knowledge is even more important if an individual is considered a high identity theft target person. Considering the statistics related to out of pocket expenses and time spent to resolve identity fraud as well as the non technical nature of the identity theft crime, prevention is considered much more important and effective than identity theft detection and resolution. Of course a comprehensive identity theft protection strategy tales into consideration all aspects of identity theft prevention, fraud detection and resolution, however, prevention is considered least costly and most cost effective.

To learn about what types of questions are used to develop the Identity Diet plan, answer these short questions.

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