Types Of Identity Theft

There are many types of identity theft crimes. Identity thieves resort to many schemes to steal consumer information which is then used to commit the desired crimes.

To further explain the types of identity theft, a list of potential illegal and criminal acts made by the unauthorized use of your personal information without your knowledge or consent is provided below.

Get familiar with them to increase your awareness and better protect your personal information and prevent identity theft. Identity thieves usually steal your personal information to commit one or more of the following types of identity theft crimes:

1. Apply for credit cards and loans.

2. Get medical assistance.

3. Violate your privacy and look into your personal information whether it is your medical records or credit history. Celebrities are often victims of this type of identity theft crime.

4. Open bank accounts or take money out of your existing accounts.

5. Buy a car.

6. Get social security benefits.

7. Buy a home or take out a home equity line.

8. Take a vacation.

9. Get free power, water, gas and phone service.

10. Apply for college financial aid.

11. Apply for a passport or use your existing passport to travel.

12. Commit murder, rubbery and other crimes while claiming to be you when arrested or stopped.

13. Get the hold of your driver’s license or apply for a new one.

14. Send threatening e-mails.

15. Go shopping with your existing credit card accounts and check books.

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