Identity Theft Test

An identity theft test can be used to learn about and understand the risks of identity theft. The tests can help us learn about the threats, our vulnerabilities and options. Unless you know how identity fraud occurs, how serious this crime is and what your options are for protecting yourself, you may not take any actions, let alone, the appropriate action.

Choose and take a free identity theft assessment below and assess your risk profile, knowledge and awareness about this crime. Some of these tests may analyze your knowledge of the crime, and others may assess the risks of your actions when managing your personal information. The test results may help you identify the areas where you need to make some adjustments to reduce your risk of identity theft. You will learn what actions are positive or negative with regards to identity theft prevention, detection and resolution. You will also learn what actions need to be taken more frequently and which ones less frequently for an effective fight against identity theft. An example of frequent action may be monitoring your credit reports or updating your identity component inventory, and, an example of less frequent action may be the use of credit cards for small transactions.

Shortly after you take one of the tests below, the correct answers will be emailed to you.

1) Quick identity theft knowledge quiz - This is a short quiz to test your general knowledge of identity theft.

2) Identity theft exposure test - The results of this test will determine if you are a high risk candidate for identity theft and will teach you a great deal about your actions and awareness.

3) CIPA Practice Exam - This practice exam consists of 10 questions to provide the Certified Identity Protection Advisor™ (CIPA) candidates an overview of the type and format of the CIPA exam questions.

4) CRFS Practice Exam - This short exam is offered to Certified Red Flag Specialist™ (CRFS) candidates who want to learn more about the Red Flags Rule as well as the CRFS exam format.

Visit Identity Management Institute for professional certification after taking an identity theft test.

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