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One of the services that this site offers is conducting identity theft service reviews for consumers to help them make an educated decision when selecting an identity theft protection product or service.

As you know, there is an abundant selection of identity theft services in the market today. These services offer various solutions including identity theft prevention and identity fraud monitoring, detection and resolution support. Although these services are offered under different names and by numerous companies, the service features are somewhat similar and overlapping, yet they may differ in ease of use, automation or input required from the customer, completeness of the system usefulness, and customer support. Most of the services are automated which is the main point of purchasing these identity theft services whereby a specific identity component is systemically monitored to detect identity fraud. For example, automated credit monitoring allows for timely detection of unauthorized accounts opened in victim’s name in which case the victim receives an e-mail notification pointing him or her to a potentially unauthorized transaction in the credit report. Or, a fraud alert is automatically placed on a credit report every 90 days to prevent an unauthorized financial transaction.

Consumers must be aware that they can monitor their identities on a limited basis without purchasing any third party services such as by placing credit report fraud alerts or obtaining and reviewing their credit reports by contacting any of the credit reporting agencies. However, it is highly recommended to use third party services because of their automation and completeness aspects, which provide a piece of mind that identity components such as SSN and credit cards are continuously monitored which would be very time consuming otherwise. There are many other service benefits which are covered in each one of the service reviews below including storage of personal information for quick recovery in case of loss and theft or fraud support to help identity theft victims complete the necessary paperwork and recover quickly which offer even greater incentives for purchasing these services.

This site provides reviews of select identity theft services to a) educate consumers about the specific service features and their usefulness, which can help identify gaps or potential overlaps when compared with other services, and b) describe the quality of the service. To gain a better understanding of the various services, we subscribe to all services under review to experience the system features and service quality. Although, our observations do not provide full assurance regarding the reviewed services, they provide reasonable amount of actual information to help consumers make educated decisions. For example, our use of a solution for the purposes of identity theft service reviews will not immediately detect all flaws in the system or customer support quality when the reviews are published, however, we gain a sufficient amount of knowledge initially and overtime as we continue to use the service.

In conclusion, independent and professional identity theft service reviews provide the best information for selecting an identity theft service. Although some family members and friends may be able to express their honest opinion about a service they are using, they might not have the required expertise to detect potential flaws or overlaps with other services.

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